Dr Khashyarmanesh

Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    On The Graph Properties With Polynomial Ideals    M.Sc.    rajaby mashhady, azam    0000-00-00
2    On the structure of local cohomology modules            0000-00-00
3    Derived functors and local cohomology modules            0000-00-00
4    Intersection graph and algebraic structure            0000-00-00
5    Characterization of rings via related graphs            0000-00-00
6    Combinatorial methods in commutative algebra            0000-00-00
7    Algebraic characterization of uniquely vertex colorable graphs    M.Sc.    YAQUBI, DANIEL    2010-05-02
8    On the graphs associated to rings and dual concept    Ph.D    afkhami goli, mozhgan    2010-07-11
9    Some properties of algebraic graphs and their extension    Ph.D    Khorsandi, Mahdi Reza    2010-07-11
10    On the propeties of graphs associated to algebraic structures    Ph.D    Estaji, Ehsan    2010-07-21
11    planar zero-divisor graphs and complete r-partite graphs    M.Sc.    moradpoor, fateme    2011-01-30
12    shellable graphs and sequentially cohen-macaulay bipartite graphs    M.Sc.    rajabi, zohre    2011-02-16
13    infinit rings with planar zero-divisor graphs    M.Sc.    salehifar, sepideh    2011-04-21
14    Graphs on partially ordered sets    Ph.D    Barati, Zahra    2011-09-10
15    On the non-commuting graph of a group and a ring and Cayley graph of a commutative ring    Ph.D    nafar, khosro    2011-09-10
16    endomorphism rings of local cohomology modules    M.Sc.    sepehri pooya, mostafa    2011-11-21
17    Relative commutativity and normality degrees of subgroups in finite groups and related graphs    Ph.D    Farrokhi Derakhshandeh Ghouchan, Mohammad    2011-11-27
18    some graphs associated to algebraic structures in groups and rings    Ph.D    Azimi, Ali    2011-11-27
19    on the support of local cohomology modules and filter regular sequences    M.Sc.    fatehi, morteza    2011-12-21
20    local cohomology module, serre subcategories and derived functors of torsion functors    M.Sc.    basery, meysam    2011-12-21
21    zero-divisor graph of commutative semigroup    M.Sc.    khosravi, masoome    2012-01-30
22    A decomposition for local cohomology modules    M.Sc.    Taghavi, Yasaman    2012-01-30
23    Finiteness Dimension of Local Cohomology Modules    M.Sc.    Hossein Pour Moghadami, Mehdi    2012-01-30
24    one the combinatorial properties of semigroups    Ph.D    mohammadikhah, sadegh    2012-04-28
25    Algebraic graphs on the rings    Ph.D    Hoseini, Seyede Nesa    2012-10-08
26    some properties of graph associated to commutative ring    Ph.D    paknejad, nahid    2012-10-11
27    On the regular digraph of ideals of commutative rings and its duality    Ph.D    Karimi, Masoud    2012-10-21
28    on the toroidal graphs related to algebraic structures    Ph.D    Ahmad Javaheri, Khadijeh    2012-11-20
29    on the projective graphs associated to algebratic structures    Ph.D    Parsapour, Atossa    2012-11-20
30    special graphs related to algebraic structures    Ph.D    heidari, seyed mohammad reza    2012-11-20
31    on the cut vertices in graphs associated to algebraic structure    Ph.D    shahsavar, faezeh    2012-11-21
32    on the regular digraph of ideals related to partially ordered set    Ph.D    bahrami, solmaz    2012-12-30
33    Studying the graphs associated to semigroups    Ph.D    vaez moosavi, nazila    2012-12-30
34    Some properties of the complement of the zero-devisor graph of a commutative ring    M.Sc.    TAHERKHANI, ZAHRA    2013-04-22
35    line graphs of zero divisor graphs    M.Sc.    khodabandeh, Roya    2013-05-20
36    Graphs Associated to Power sets    Ph.D    Barani, Hamid Reza    2014-01-15
37    on the annihilator graph associate to algebric structure    Ph.D    sakhdari, seyed mohammad    2014-01-15
38    On the algebraic structure of some linear codes and codes associated to graphs    Ph.D    sepasdar, zahra    2014-01-15
39    On the noncommuting and cyclic graphs of a group with respect to a subgroup and the Cayley graphs    Ph.D    Hassankhani, Mehdi    2014-01-15
40    Extension rings and annihilator graphs    Ph.D    rajabi, zohreh    2014-01-15
41    on the annihilator-ideal graph of commutative ring    Ph.D    salehifar, sepide    2014-01-15
42    power graph and its generalizations    Ph.D    Fatehi haghighat, morteza    2014-01-15
43    Comaximal graph of commutative rings    M.Sc.    jafarzadeh, sarah    2014-03-09
44    ZERO DIVISOR GRAPHS OF UPPER TRIANGULAR MATRIX RINGS    M.Sc.    Hemati, Sherin    2014-03-09
45    Some Properties of Generalized Absolute Centre and Autocommutator Subgroups of Groups    Ph.D    davoudi rad, samaneh    2014-06-08
46    on the linear codes induced by certain rings    Ph.D    rajabi, zohreh    2014-12-01
47    Automorphisms of finite groups and some of their properties    Ph.D    mottaghi, esmat    2014-12-06
48    Cyclic and self-dual codes over F2+uF2+vF2+uvF2    M.Sc.    kazemi zanjani lotf abadi, nasim    2015-03-01
49    Cyclic codes over certain rings with nilpotent elements    M.Sc.    Ganj Bakhsh Sanati, Zahra    2015-03-01
50    Annihilating ideal graph of commutative rings    M.Sc.    abdollahzade, arezoo    2015-03-01
51    On the algebraic properties of graphs and distance concept    Ph.D    Alinejad, Mohsen    2015-03-08
52    The gereralizations of cayley and zero-divisor graphs on the upper triangular matrices ring    Ph.D    hashemifar, seyed hossein    2015-06-24
53    On the TOTAL GRAPH of a commutative ring    Ph.D    hamidizadeh, kazem    2015-07-09
54    cyclic codes over certain rings Z-2+uZ-2 and its extentions    M.Sc.    ardeshiri toroqi, mohadeseh    2015-12-20
55    On the skew cyclic codes over F_q + uF_q+vF_q+ uvF_q    M.Sc.    vahedi jafar abad, mohadeseh    2016-04-10
56    the regular digraph of ideals of a commutative ring    M.Sc.    Moravvji far, rasul    2016-05-29
57    Generalizations of non-commuting graph    M.Sc.    mahroughi, seyed saeed    2016-11-27
59    on the graph properties of comaximal ideal graph on commutative rings    M.Sc.    rastgar, zinat    2017-03-12
60    Quadratic residue codes and Gray maps    M.Sc.    yari, behnaz    2017-04-23
61    cyclic codes over the ring Z_p[u,v]/u^2,v^2    M.Sc.    khezri, Mojgan    2018-01-29
62    Local cohomology modules and splitting isomorphisms    Ph.D    NAAL, BATOUL    2018-02-07
63    Constacyclic codes over F_2+uF_2+vF_2+uvF_2    M.Sc.    ghasemi, sara    2018-03-11
64    Linear Codes over Z- 4+UZ- 4 and Mac Williams identities    M.Sc.    yosefi, hamideh    2018-04-15
65    on the construction of skew quasi-cyclic codes    M.Sc.    esfandyari, mahbobe    2018-04-29